My love for photography began when I was young. I loved the outdoors, bugs, animals, I couldn’t get enough of being outside so I took as many pictures on whatever camera I could get my hands on. This continued until a friend in high school asked me to take her photos. After we shared her photos, I was booked solid until I decided it was time to start charging for these photo shoots. I learned that I could help my peers in high school feel beautiful through my photography.

Now there’s nothing better than the feeling I get when showing you the back of my camera and knowing I helped you feel more confident than you ever expected you could. 

I love the outdoors, eating at new restaurants, and family dance parties. (Although I wouldn’t be caught dead dancing in front of other adults, my baby girls think I’m an incredible dancer)

(pronounced Lee, but to be honest - I’ll go by whatever you wanna call me!) 

Hi, I'm Shelby Lea!





Your cheerleader

Uncle Lee was my favorite uncle. He passed away in November 2020, but his legacy lives on. He was hilarious, yet tough, rowdy but kind. I hung out with him on his ranch one day, taking a bunch of pictures and just watching him go about his day. I loved listening to his jokes and stories as we drove around checking fences in his old truck. His family had no clue I had taken these photos until after his passing. I was able to send them over, not realizing what a fun treasure I had created.  To this day, his presence and simple way of life brings me so much hope and encouragement when things get hard. 

- uncle lee

"there's a trick to everything, there's a trick to life really... enjoy it. have as much fun as you can."

bonny lou

lola faye



the ones who inspire it all

becoming a mother.. that’s really what made me want to see the true beauty in the world. just like i want my girls to feel beautiful, i want the same for you when you get in front of my camera.

I couldn't do it without them


We met at church in college. He caught my eye at a church meeting but we didn’t talk until a few weeks later at a church activity, he swooped in while I was crushing on one of his buddies. We’ll have been married for 7 years this July. He’s my rock. I’m so grateful for him.


Our First Born. We treated her like a human baby for 2.5 years until our real baby girl was born. She went everywhere with us from White Sands, New Mexico to Yellowstone National Park. Now her roles include entertaining our toddler and comforting me when I’m feeling tired and overwhelmed. 

lola faye

The sweetest, bravest, most caring 4 year old anybody has ever met. She has been obsessed with animals, the beach, and pink jeeps. She’s 120% girly girl. Sometimes I feel like heaven sent her to help me just as much as I help her.

bonny lou

Bonny turned 1 this year! She fits in so perfectly we can’t remember what life was without her. She’s the best snuggler, so sweet, and she's always trying to make us laugh. Her love for music and dancing is unmatched.  She's the happiest bubbliest baby. 

Cute cups (with straws)

you love to enjoy the little things in life.

Country music

the outdoors

you like dance parties (with tiny humans)


the beach

staying home with my family

you believe in a love that can last a lifetime


Vera Bradley

bright colors

you think pink is a neutral

trying new restaurants

my family


you can’t stop staring at your ring finger

naps (pre-kids i was the nap queen)

Anything chocolate

good stories/late night chats

you love Walking up and down every isle
in target

laughing till you cry

Singing in the car

Reality TV

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