About Shelby

Hey y’all!

I grew up on the farmlands in Central Oklahoma. I lived outside on my familys land. I explored, rode horses, the fourwheeler, and fished. I could go out to that old fishing dock and sit and all my worries seemed to fade. That's when this whole photography journey began... As I wondered around the land I wanted to capture it. I wanted to be able to share the beauty I saw in the land. I wanted to share the trees and the butterflies and the sight of the breath coming out of our livestocks noses during the cold winter. After awhile of that one of my sweet friends asked if I could take photos of her, from that point on I never stoped sharing the beauty I see in people. In my sweet clients, in their love, their families, and in their stories. That is one of my absolute favorite things, I am so grateful to call it my job.   

Our Story

Summer after senior year of high school my parents let me know that they were headed to Arizona to stay. I had a choice to make... stay back home with all my friends and go to the local college in our small town or to chase my dreams in a brand new city. And we all know what happened from there, because here I am! If I wouldn't have made the jump I never would've been able to pursue my dreams in the way that I have. I never would've gotten to experience and fall in love with the beauty of the desert.

I also would have never met my husband. We met at a church activity! After that night, a few dates, and taking him along with me to photo shoots I knew he was the one. We got married at the Gilbert Arizona Temple in July of 2015. Marraige is the greatest thing that has ever happened to us! We totally recomend it! We currently live in a little town house with our furr baby Nala. 

Nala is a maltipoo pup and we are pretty much obsessed with her. She's full of sass. Colbe attends ASU and studies health and wellness! He's just recently finished playing football there! Going to his games was one of my favorite Saturday activites. When he's not playing football or going to class he's at photo sessions with me. He's my absolute favorite teammate. 

Some of our favorite things other than football and photography are cooking, hosting parties, spending time with our families, going to country music concerts, binge    watching our latest Netflix obsession, and vacationing. Some of our favorite places we've been able to visit are Solana Beach, Colorado, and Costa Rica. Now that you know our story, please share with us yours! We can't wait to meet you!

My Favorites

• The Beach, any beach
• Nala, our maltipoo
• Plants in every room
• Blingged out shoes
• Succulents & the desert
• Flowers, loads of them
• White & Gold together
• Wearing my Chacos
• Just being outside
• Decorating our home
• Cooking fun dinners

My Philosophy I believe in pictures. I believe in pictures because when the flowers, the ribons,
and wedding gown all get put into storage boxes. All that you have left is the memories, the sweet stories, and the pictures. These pictures of your wedding day will be cherished for the rest of your life. They will be passed down through generations. Your love story will live on through the photos of this special time in your life.
The Experience As your photographers, our job is not only to take beautiful pictures on your wedding day but it is to capture and create memories that will last a lifetime.
We are here to be your friends, your part time wedding planners, your go-to, your extra set of helping hands. From our initial meeting over ice cream to the final delivery, we strive to make the process as effortless and enjoyable as possible.

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