This one’s for you, Mama…

The Truth:

I loved taking photos of flowers and bugs, of ponds and the cows in the field behind our home in Oklahoma where I grew up. I really did love those photos, but that wasn't the full truth. I lied for years and told everyone that's why I began my photography journey. I was embarrassed to admit how I really felt. I thought it was cheesy and a little too "touchy feely".

My photography journey really began when I grabbed my dad’s tripod that he used to videotape my siblings playing sports with out of the closet. I spent an eternity in my room putting on make up and curling my hair. I put on my cutest outfit and I marched out into the same field where I took pictures of those bugs. I had a bad day, being a freshman in high school was tough. I didn't feel pretty and I felt alone. But daaaang, I looked goooood in camera! I learned that if I took good photos of myself, I could FEEL PRETTY! I soon learned that I could not only help myself feel pretty with pictures, I could help my friends and those around me feel pretty as well. And that's where my love for photography really began! 

Fast-forward 10 years and I'm now a Mom. If you're a Mom too, when's the last time you felt pretty? A day ago? A week ago? A month ago? You deserve to feel beautiful too.

These mini sessions are for you Mama!

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February Details! February's Mama Mini Sessions
will be held in a beautiful AirBNB home

The style of the home will be clean
and bright, just like the rest of our images! The images will have a lifestyle feel!

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future Mama Mini's please reach out!

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Remember, only the first 15 Mamas who sign up will be accepted. Please don't worry though, we will have more events! Our next event will be held in February! We will be releasing the date at a later time! Just make sure you are following along on instagram! @MamasWithLittles! Thank you so much! 

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