Spring Break 2017 // Solana Beach California

Spring Breaks are made for beaches. I just can’t imagine going anywhere other than the beach! Since we are just 5.5 hours from Solana, it’s one of our favorites! It’s been our third trip to the San Diego area since we were married so we have gotten pretty good at figuring out what we like to do there!

It was only in the 50 – low 60’s so we did a few other things than just laying on the beach! Prior to this trip not laying on the beach all day every day sounded deviating, but after this trip? I realized it was actually kinda fun to explore the area a bit more! We ate at the yummiest restaurants and found a place that makes incredible homemade ice cream! We went to the Zoo and Birch Aquarium and did lots of beach walking even though I was too big of a wimp to lay out for too long! Here are some of our favorite pictures from the trip!! Enjoy!

 The San Diego Zoo was so fun! 10/10 recommend it!          
   Even this tough guy was a little chilly trying to get into the water! hahaha I just think this picture is too funny not to share!       One of my favorite parts of our trip was when we went hiking at Torrey Pines Reserve. It was so perfect. I still got to be close to the beach but we were being more active so we stayed warmer!                     If you don’t remember anything from this blog post, remember HANDEL’S HOMEMADE ICE CREAM! No seriously. Even looking at this picture breaks my heart a bit because I can’t walk down our street and have it! That was a single scoop guys. The peanut butter was mixed in the oreos and so creamy and delicious. They hand make the ice cream every day!!! AHHH SO GOOD.

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