I've had a camera in my hand since I was 10, and it didn't take long before I learned the power I have to make others feel beautiful. When you step in front of my camera, that's my wish for you as well. To feel beautiful and confident just as you are.

I'm Shelby!

i'm obsessed with the arizona desert, muted greens, and sunset glows.

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Spring Break 2017 // Solana Beach California

Spring Breaks are made for beaches. I just can’t imagine going anywhere other than the beach! Since we are just 5.5 hours from Solana, it’s one of our favorites! It’s been our third trip to the San Diego area since we were married so we have gotten pretty good at figuring out what we like […]


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Spring Break 2016 // Solana Beach California

Colbe and I were able to find a tiny break in both of our crazy schedules that actually matched up! It was a miracle! So we made a dead sprint to the beach. One of the many things I love about Arizona is that it is only 5.5 hours from one of our favorite beaches […]


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Kicking off 2016:

This New Years celebration was something pretty unique! The team was staying in the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort for the week leading up to their bowl game, I was super bummed because that meant a week without my hubby. It would be the first time we’ve spent apart since we’ve married, not to mention […]


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